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Stolen from Mini-Naturi!

The rules: 
Fill out each category, then tag a few others. Remember, it's an Undertale tag, so fill it out with Undertale stuff.

1. Your favorite character:
San, cuddly skelly! C'mon, I have a group for this precious sweetheart! Sans-Fans 

2. Why they are your favorite:
Both his personality and appearance = bae! By appearance, I mean how a lot of the fandom portrays him, not necessarily his sprite. I envision him taller than in-game.

3. Your favorite fight/battle:

4. Favorite BOSS battle:

5. Favorite catchphrase/line:
Literally the whole first in-game conversation between Sans and Papyrus, but while watching this! I laughed way more during this part by listening to this guy! My face hurt afterwards!

6. Favorite song:
"Sans' Megalovania" or "The Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans"

7. Favorite AU:
That really depends...I like G!Sans, Underfell (as long as it's not too extreme with the sex stuff or too gory with their mean shit!), Reapertale (to an extent), and...idk, stuff like that. :shrug:

8. Favorite area/place:
Waterfall or Judgement Hall (They're both beautiful, but I love blue more, so...!)

9. Favorite mode:
Pacifist! But I never completed the game because I suck at video games...i sorry.

10. Favorite pun:
...'bone zone'. :iconicameplz:
Hey! You never said it HAD to be an in-game pun!

11. Sans or Papyrus? do you think? SANS!!!!!!!

12. Undyne x Alphys or Undyne x Papyrus? 

13. Do you like Flowey? Or hate him?
Sassy Flowey is sassy! :D

14. Frisk or Chara?
-_-' I dunno...

15. Toriel x Sans or Toriel x Asgore? it gets! :XD:

16. If you could cosplay as any character, who would you cosplay as?
Sans...idk, I would, but it's either I cannot afford one or fail at making it. ^^;

17. Mettaton or Nabstablook? depends on specific personality quirks that the fandom created. If it's sassy and not as self-centered MTT, then him. If not, Blook. Idk, Blook is just a really...boring character to me. I like him, but he doesn't do much. ^^;

18. And finally, Nice cream guy or Burgerpants?
NCG because I'm already enough of a whiny bitch myself. BP would make it too much! :XD:

I TAG: Everyone still in the UT fandom...and their mom(s).
I was bored and I wanted to.

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