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...for dat fluffy skeleton! X3
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Random from My Approved DD Suggestions

Masquerade - Green Man by AndreaWidgetArt Masquerade - Green Man :iconandreawidgetart:AndreaWidgetArt 756 51 Shallow water by kamanwilliam Shallow water :iconkamanwilliam:kamanwilliam 4,869 173 M A E L S T R O M by automnal-glimpse M A E L S T R O M :iconautomnal-glimpse:automnal-glimpse 1,294 94 The Lady of the Forest by TheIronRing The Lady of the Forest :icontheironring:TheIronRing 759 69 Scai's Room by 100chihuahuas Scai's Room :icon100chihuahuas:100chihuahuas 2,404 218 Call of the Wild by JanPusdrowski Call of the Wild :iconjanpusdrowski:JanPusdrowski 1,915 271
The Lady of Chains (Part One of Five)
As soon as the doors closed, Viola knew she'd be lucky if she was ever given the chance to step outside them again. The sound didn't just echo throughout the tower, but appeared to signal the ending of her old life and the beginning of an entirely different one.
"You'll have to watch this one," Mrs Casket said, holding up a frail hand speckled with age. The index finger was missing. "She bites."
Viola averted her eyes, trying to ignore the ball of apprehension growing in her belly. She gazed up at the winding staircase. Her tongue felt like a strip of dried leather and it was difficult to form words around it. "How much longer until we're there?"
Mrs Casket stopped in her tracks and raised the lantern. Her hair was pinned back and greying at the temples. In the dull light her eyes looked almost black, glittering like a beetle's shell. Viola half-expected them to scuttle around her face at any moment, disappearing between the creases of her skin.
"You doubt yourself, my girl," Mrs Caske
:iconvshaw:VShaw 491 70
Nature's Beauty by Wanaca Nature's Beauty :iconwanaca:Wanaca 3,910 158 Paris by heyydaydreamer Paris :iconheyydaydreamer:heyydaydreamer 1,757 163 We'll be back - repaint by AltairSky We'll be back - repaint :iconaltairsky:AltairSky 516 104 Ninja's Companion by Davesrightmind Ninja's Companion :icondavesrightmind:Davesrightmind 1,895 131 The Lion King Commission by ameba2k The Lion King Commission :iconameba2k:ameba2k 3,476 154 GAIA by Anako-ART GAIA :iconanako-art:Anako-ART 3,642 450 TRON Data: GHOST by Krossan TRON Data: GHOST :iconkrossan:Krossan 2,643 431 ++IUDICIUM STELLA++ by Stelaris ++IUDICIUM STELLA++ :iconstelaris:Stelaris 1,407 279 The Mask Beneath My Face by d70fotograf The Mask Beneath My Face :icond70fotograf:d70fotograf 1,793 161
Various suggestions that I sent to CVs that were featured! :D


Random from Undertale

Undertale by kuzukago Undertale :iconkuzukago:kuzukago 9,595 1,511 COLLAB Watch the road BRO!!! by YAMsgarden COLLAB Watch the road BRO!!! :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 7,591 364 underTALLs - Frisk n Sans by Piranhartist underTALLs - Frisk n Sans :iconpiranhartist:Piranhartist 521 39 heya. by sheebal heya. :iconsheebal:sheebal 3,409 346 Fandoms by ttoba Fandoms :iconttoba:ttoba 3,687 575 Above the Snow + Time Lapse by EarthGwee Above the Snow + Time Lapse :iconearthgwee:EarthGwee 598 44 you're gonna have a bath, tim by calanii you're gonna have a bath, tim :iconcalanii:calanii 174 6 BONEZONE?!?! by calanii BONEZONE?!?! :iconcalanii:calanii 2,169 87 here comes the meme food crew! by calanii here comes the meme food crew! :iconcalanii:calanii 2,131 97 The most determined of all by HezuNeutral The most determined of all :iconhezuneutral:HezuNeutral 315 46
Sans trombone by Mutil8tor dance!! by tabe103
Current Fandom Infatuation!

Can you guess which character is my favorite?

Gotta :heart: this stuff! :squee:

Random from Appreciation

Octopus Girl by MystinaMarina Octopus Girl :iconmystinamarina:MystinaMarina 946 234 Disney Princesses by LornaKelleherArt Disney Princesses :iconlornakelleherart:LornaKelleherArt 223 48 on the clouds. by enzouke on the clouds. :iconenzouke:enzouke 468 65 Walking In The Rain by Riboo Walking In The Rain :iconriboo:Riboo 202 24 Vanitasbook by Coro96 Vanitasbook :iconcoro96:Coro96 219 23 The dragon escaped from the book by danzr4ever The dragon escaped from the book :icondanzr4ever:danzr4ever 78 65 Alstroemeria by ZefCypher Alstroemeria :iconzefcypher:ZefCypher 58 10 CM - Peaceful afternoon by Wanini CM - Peaceful afternoon :iconwanini:Wanini 828 68 Golden Mushroom by Niconoff Golden Mushroom :iconniconoff:Niconoff 1,316 26 Black Forest by eeliskyttanen Black Forest :iconeeliskyttanen:eeliskyttanen 116 10 Turquoise Wolf by KimDingwall Turquoise Wolf :iconkimdingwall:KimDingwall 454 52 Glory and Gore Alternate by KimDingwall Glory and Gore Alternate :iconkimdingwall:KimDingwall 51 9 Sinon ( Sword Art Online2 ) by AyyaSAP Sinon ( Sword Art Online2 ) :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 678 14 Dandelions by Alderion-Al Dandelions :iconalderion-al:Alderion-Al 794 25 Echo by katagro Echo :iconkatagro:katagro 344 90 Eagle by madnessdemon Eagle :iconmadnessdemon:madnessdemon 272 26
These are special deviations for a reason.

I wonder if you can figure it out.


Available at RTNightmare


:star: DEVIANTART TODAY: 6-14-16Hello,
This is part of my series called the TODAY FEATURE.
Last time, I gave you the first Fan Art Today, which is a subcategory of this article series, this being the first feature of the my  Deviant Art Today.  

:star:Fan Art Today and :star:Deviant Art Today articles will be posted on RTNightmare

:star:Digital Art Today and :star:Traditional Art Today will be posted on Esheye.

This is a feature that will not necessarily have a constant schedule date but will have a feature uploaded when I have collected enough content in all categories. I will be looking for content on my own, but I do wish for the community to participate in helping our fellow deviants be noticed.
All of the content is either from the DeviantArt staff, Community Volunteers, or other deviants who have posts to spread

:star: DeviantArt Today: Updates across the Site!Hey there everyone,
So I am reviving my DAToday series, but I'm gonna make it less busy. So, here are a few things currently going on around DeviantArt. I personally have noticed a couple changes, some of it is programming, some of it is community-based, and some of it is just general stuff.
So, as I'm sure a big number of deviants are aware, there has been an update for Updated Gallery Favs Layout, which we can learn more about thanks to Ikue. Thank you for the update! A lot of mixed feelings about it, but it is good to see DeviantArt staff doing stuff for the community. Am I right? We'll see if this change will help or hurt soon enough.
Beyond that, there isn't much programming-wise to update that I could find. However, for the month of January, DDSuggestionDrive is hosting a Drive. And like last year, I am helping! :D The drive


:star: FAN ART TODAY: 4-30-16Hello,
I have decided to start this series called the TODAY FEATURE.
This is Fan Art Today, which is a subcategory of Deviant Art Today, to follow soon after. 

:star:Fan Art Today and :star:Deviant Art Today articles will be posted on RTNightmare

:star:Digital Art Today and :star:Traditional Art Today will be posted on Esheye.

This is a feature that will not necessarily have a constant schedule date but will have a feature uploaded when I have collected enough content in all categories. I will be looking for content on my own, but I do wish for the community to participate in helping our fellow deviants be noticed.

Also, since this is the first, the categories are set to Newest on the site, all pieces selected yesterday. If you have something you want me to feature that isn't new but you feel is important that goes under Fan Art, Deviant Art

Available at Esheye



If you have something you wish to contribute to my TODAY FEATURE, please leave a comment here


Dec 17, 2017
6:16 am
Dec 14, 2017
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Dec 13, 2017
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Dec 13, 2017
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Dec 12, 2017
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The Heart of DeviantArt!


I Support CR - Blue by electricjonny I Support CR - Blue by electricjonny I Support CR - Blue by electricjonny
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If you have read the guidelines, are at least 18, and are ready for this kind of experience, then...

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconcommunityrelations:

Open Positions

Bold = I applied for it!

My styles or what I like: :star:
The gallery(ies) I'm pursuing: :star::star: + bold for extra love!
3-Dimensional Art
Artistic Nude Photography
Chats and Forums
Fan Art
Film and Animation
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Skins and Themes
Street Art
Vector Art
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FAQ #84: What are the Core Values of the Community Relations Department?
FAQ #85: Can I be a volunteer on DeviantArt?
FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?
FAQ #106: What are the symbol next to each deviant's username?


Director/All Galleries: Moonbeam13

Community Projects: No One!

:star:Anime/Manga: cinyu

Anthro: PixlPhantasy

Artisan Crafts: pinkythepink & SinistrosePhosphate

:star:Cartoons & Comics: DrZime

Cosplay: pullingcandy

Digital Dolls: No One!
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Vector: No One!
Vexel: No One!

:star::star:Fan Art: TsaoShin
:star:Fan Fiction: No One!

Film/Animation: Cinestress, kingmancheng & TimberClipse

Flash: No One!

Literature: akrasiel, doughboycafe & BeccaJS

Regular Photography: overdebated & Mrs-Durden
Abstract & Surreal: JustACapharnaum
Animals, Plants & Nature: JenFruzz
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Artistic Nude: No One!
Conceptual: No One!
Cosplay Photography: pullingcandy
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Fashion: Queen-Kitty
Fetish: No One!
Horror/Macabre: TanyaSimoneSimpson
Macro: JustACapharnaum
Photojournalism: No One!
Pin-up & Glamor: DistortedSmile
Street Photography: burningmonk
Urban & Rural: No One!

Resource & Stock Images: Mocris

Science Fiction and Space Art: cosmicbound

Text & Typography: No One!

Traditional Art
:star:Regular Traditional: efelidi
Sculpture: efelidi

Street Art & Graffiti: No One!




My Reasons for Wanting to Volunteer
I want to help and teach others. I also want to keep learning. I see volunteering as helping others while still learning more in the process. Being a volunteer does not give one extra privileges or powers. Anyone can do what the volunteers do. Why not start now and get the chance to be a Community Volunteer later? ;)

SPREAD THIS! Do you think DeviantArt should have a gallery genre for MUSIC? 

52 deviants said Yes! Music is considered art and DeviantArt will get more music artists if they included this genre!
8 deviants said No! Music is only sound, not visual arts, so it's not the right kind of art!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Emoji's for Ko-Fi!
Ko-Fi is $3.

For $3, get an emoji headshot lineart of a character of your choosing. Blush or other extras that come with the emoji are part of the same price. Extras that aren't part of the original emojis will be extra.
Cartoon Characters
$10 per 1 character!

Depending on the style, they can come out as more cartoony like the black background image or more realistic, like the transparent background image. Make sure you are clear.
Full Illustration
$20 for 1 character!

Takes a while to get these done, but I will send you a sketch that I will go over like I did with the examples above. After you okay the sketch, additional things might be different, but it shouldn't be too different unless something did not make sense anatomically in the initial sketch.
RANDOMNESS is the best!
Based off of a past comment I made, and Astralseed's similar listings, I will give you 2 random comments a place on your profile. NOTE ME with a STYLE OF COMMENT (story, meme, etc), TOPIC (theme), and GENERAL LOCATION OF COMMENT (if you want it on a certain folder, section - like journals or polls, etc) within FORTY-EIGHT HOURS FROM ACCEPTANCE. Otherwise it will be random as heck. 

Everytime $1, I will donate 50¢ to the awareness or help cause of the 10th person's choosing. 


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This is How I Feel by Mr-Stamp
grillby here to mop up the sin by Fel-Fisk

Integrity by VoltTecher Perseverance by VoltTecher DETERMINATION by VoltTecher Justice by VoltTecher MERCY by VoltTecher
Gaster Blaster Pagedoll by VoltTecher Sans Pagedoll by VoltTecher Gaster Blaster Pagedoll by VoltTecher

Read my TO DO LIST, updated on September 10th! Updates will happen every so often, at least once every few months!

My COMMISSIONS are open!


Comm Open by ArbuzoweArchiwum REQ Friends by ArbuzoweArchiwum t Ask by ArbuzoweArchiwum AT Ask by ArbuzoweArchiwum GIF Secret by ArbuzoweArchiwum

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PayPal bullet by emocx or Google Wallet for non-:points: commissions! Payment only in United States Dollars!


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Hello! Thank you for coming! However, if you have come to look at my art, leave comments, helpful critiques, or praise, or even give me a llama, know this: I do not thank people for favorites or llamas. I find it to be a waste of time to say "Thank you for the fave(s)!". Instead, I repay anyone who gives me any sort of praise by going to their page and work instead; I find it's more useful to give back by appreciating your talent instead of just heading over to your page and commenting my thanks. I may not always comment or fave, but I do take a look if I have time. It can be more helpful in the long run! If you give me a llama, I will always give back as long as I'm able to. I appreciate every favorite, number of :points:, gift, and llama I receive. I just don't always comment because I find it better to show appreciation by focusing on you and your art skills, whatever they may be. I hope anyone who reads this message will understand. Thank you!

My birthday badge

From my ID:
Girl (c) RTNightmare
Guy (c) Tim Burton, Disney
Picture (c) kiki-kit

CURRENT ICON by Piranhartist
Character is CounterTale!Sans, who belongs to RTNightmare/me!
Undertale (c) Toby Fox

Dancy Sans Icon (c) @goalin on Tumblr
Bad time (icon) by paurachan (c) paurachan
(f2u) sans icon by dustyhyena (c) dustyhyena
RTNightmare's Icon Commission by Kiss-the-Iconist (OC Icon Commission) by Kiss-the-Iconist
Jack Skellington AV by Natsu714 (c) Natsu714


undertale stamp - sans by hypsistamps UT - Sans Stamp by whitenoize undertale stamp - sans by hypsistamps
Stamp: I believe in JackxOC! by RTNightmare Stamp: I believe in JackxOC! by RTNightmare Stamp: I believe in JackxOC! by RTNightmare
I heart Jack stamp by DeviantSith Jack Stamp by simplestamp I Heart Jack Skellington by A-gRiM-FaTe
Cristmas Nightmare by DeviantSith Jack is Smexy by LaylaTheBlackCheetah Cristmas Nightmare by DeviantSith
Cristmas Nightmare by DeviantSith Cristmas Nightmare by DeviantSith Cristmas Nightmare by DeviantSith
Stamp: I believe in JackxOC! by RTNightmare Stamp: I believe in JackxOC! by RTNightmare Stamp: I believe in JackxOC! by RTNightmare
UT - Sans Stamp by whitenoize undertale stamp - sans by hypsistamps UT - Sans Stamp by whitenoize

I believe in and adopted Jack Skellington :heart: Rachel Terrora at AdoptAPairing!

1) Name: Rachel
2) Birthday: January 25th 1993
3) Art History: I am a self taught artist, which is probably why I'm not the best in the world. I decided that I must master regular art on my own, and then learn deeper stuff when I'm ready.
4) My favorite art category(ies): Fan Art, Digital Art, and Cartoons & Comics! I am a cartoonist and I read and draw a lot of fan stuff, so I think it fits! I would digitize my work, but my tablet is no good right now. :(
5) Favorite things to do: DeviantArt is life for me. I love the site...but also, I love drawing, writing, dancing, some singing, and some other stuff.

I don't know what else to say! But I will edit this soon...yeah! ^^

Current Residence: Georgia (I hate it. :|)
Favourite genre of music: Dance/Pop!
Favourite photographer: I'm not into this.
Favourite style of art: Fan Art!
Favourite character: Jack Skellington (TNBC), Sans (Undertale), and Shaden (mine)!
Personal Quote: "I am nothing like you or anyone else! Why? Because I strive to be different. You would think that a girl like me wants to be in the in crowd. I couldn't care less about that. I am weird and y'know, that's what makes me awesome!"

DDSuggestionDrive Stamp by copper9lives

Favorite by LumiResources

RTNightmare is... 

11 deviants said A fellow fan of (fandom name; Undertale, TNBC, Ice Age, etc).
4 deviants said A random person you found on the internet.
3 deviants said Like family (whether you are family and wish to vote for this or you think of me as family, I don't mind).
2 deviants said A role model (sempai; admiration of art skills)!
2 deviants said A rival (competitor; please tell me who you are so I can help with that - I love a good challenge).
1 deviant said A person who gave you a llama, fave, comment, watch, etc.
1 deviant said A friend you met through non-fandom means.
1 deviant said Other (because we should all know by now that I have a terrible memory - please comment).
No deviants said An enemy (I have haters, I'm aware).
No deviants said Like a deity (I am getting outrageous, I know - running out of ideas and this came to mind...I'm flattered if yes.)

For a thing for when I'm bored and can't focus...just pick one! None of this should make sense! If it does, then you're probably stalking me...D8 

12 deviants said Sans
3 deviants said Disney-sona
2 deviants said Shaden
1 deviant said Rachel Terrora
1 deviant said Buck
1 deviant said Gengar
No deviants said Stitches
No deviants said Who-sona
No deviants said Wander
No deviants said Backstory

Free Day! Let's Draw+!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 8, 2017, 8:20 AM

So, I have a free day since the place I volunteer for doesn't need me. And because Picarto and Discord don't like my microphone and the last time I checked, Skype allows video and screen sharing for group chats, I am doing a Skype call with screen share for anyone who wants to chat and draw.

Also, it is snowing (or was), hence the journal skin.

Join the Skype chat here:

I will be doodling, writing, editing, etc etc. You might get spoilers or I could just be drawing whatever. No one is attending yet, but as soon as someone does join, the call will commence. 

Hope to see a few people there!

Skin by SimplySilent


Holy crap I’m clueless. It literally just occurred to me that the tiger guy in that cereal commercial elongated the ‘great’ to make a ‘grrrr’ sound, like a tiger. 

Wow. This is my mental handicap. The inability to understand things until years later. Ugh. Wow. 

Hey, I just realized...
Donald Trump is the definition of Dumb Blonde.

*I am originally blonde so I don’t mean this for everyone. Just Trump.
Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 is available! It includes a huge reveal in the first episode, The Collector!

However, because the source does not pay the creators, I must ask that if you watch it via this method, you also show your support by watching it via Netflix and whatnot when it becomes available in your country.…
I was tagged by DesDraws! Prepare for dark humor, creepy shit, and more....creepy shit. Yay! 8D

1. write the rules in your journal entry if you're tagged.
2. Write 13 things about yourself.
3. Answer 13 question made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants, make sure they know they're tagged
5. Don't say "You're tagged if you read this" 
6. It's forbidden not to tag anyone, no tagging back.

1) I dye my hair blue-black and it looks really good on me despite my natural coloring being blonde that dirty brown.
2) I have a deep hatred for pink, partially for stuff from my past and also the girl stereotypes - blue is my jam!
3) Sexually, I find the human body really gross. My parents are medical doctors (Gastroenterologists), so I think at some point, they traumatized me. Who knows? 
4) I'm (magical)skele-sexual. Y'know, to add the #3...^^; I'm not the only one, so shut up.
5) I'm going to legally change my name to Esheye Rachel Telari. Hopefully, soon.
6) I live in two worlds, and spend more time dreaming that I do in reality. No joke - reality SUCKS!
7) I aspire to be the next Fan Art Community Volunteer on DA, and have even searched through anime so that I know fandoms better.
8) Even at 24 years old, I cannot deal with horror related stuff - I will have nightmares, and see #3 for further info.
9) I read fan fiction on my phone practically every night and when my meds start to kick in, I'll switch to catching up on Late Night (Seth Meyers), Late Show (Stephen Colbert), or Last Week Tonight (John Oliver) - or the Game Grumps animated or something if there's nothing new.
10) I only like fantasy/romance fan fiction and shows, but if the plot is clever (No Game No Life) and there's no gore and weird stuff (Berserk, Tokyo Ghoul - it was a bad idea to watch these, omfg), then I will enjoy it. You have to wow me in SOME way!
11) I learned Tai Kwon Do, but stopped when I became a first degree black belt. I tried to go back, but felt embarrassed that I no longer knew the forms like everyone else.
12) I have low self-confidence and constantly look to other for approval.
13) I have extra senses, can see other people's auras, and can mess with people using psychology alone. I have lost so much respect for people that I will use my lack of shame to get someone to leave by saying things that are so inappropriate that people will run away from me. It's a fun time when you don't care!  Chara Jumpscare Emoticon by Toad900

my questions:
1. opening question! hi, how or what are you doing currently?
A) I'm trying to figure out if I'm hungry or not while having back pain caused by not sitting properly in this chair, while trying to decide if I should read fan fiction after this. It's so frustrating - I want to read but have been so messed up lately (since Hurricane Irma) and have 15 stories to catch up on. Uuuuuuugh!
2. favorite season? why? :0c
A) Winter, probably - BUGS ARE EVIL! Also, I have an excuse to not work! SNOW, BEEEEEECHIS! (Not cursing! C8 :eyes:)
3. do you have any pets?
A) Yes, but my home in MD. And my other baby...recently passed. I'm still sad about it. :depressed:
4. have you ever enjoyed something you never thought you would?
A) Hmm...potatoes. Roasted potatoes. Russet. They are really good.
5. what's your favorite pastime?
A) Does imagining the decapitation of my enemies count?  Chara Jumpscare Emoticon by Toad900  Ahem, I mean...dancing! Art stuff!
6. do u like sweets/candy? if so, what's your favorite kind?
7. speedpaints or satisfying videos?
A) Does this count: 
Seriously, I'm laughing at the guys laughter. It's so amazing! XDDDDDD
:star:Edit: This too:…
Holy crap it's beautiful!
8. are u listening to anything rn? what is it?
A) I, I was listening to this earlier, among other things. Heh...heh...
A) I use this WAY too much, in IRL and fan fiction, lol!

10. im always scared of bothering ppl by tagging them so- did i bother u?
A) YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-no. (If I didn't want to do this, I wouldn't.)
11. current fandom(s)?
A) ...:iconrtnightmare: Gee, I wonder! :P
12. what's the last dream you remember having in your sleep?
A) Oh one I remember from a while ago...I think I was trying out for American Idol or something and Sans was there...and we won together? I DON'T KNOW! My dream are weird af, though, so that was relatively tame! XDDDD Also, I had a dream where I died, or I missed my death date and it was...weird because I think I was ripped apart, IDK. That was fun. :|
13. what's your favorite piece in your gallery?? show me so i can be proud of u!! :'00
A) A tie between  CT: Human Soul by RTNightmare   Megalovania: CT!Rachel by RTNightmare   CT-Sans Megalovania by RTNightmare   The Judgilante: Part 1The Judgillante
Part 1
Tearing through the forest on the East side of Snow Valley without a vehicle was tough, especially if you didn’t know the terrain. It was also tough in a blizzard, which would have been good on a day like today. I prayed I had enough of a head start as I shot through the brush with a team of dogs tailing me. Ha, tailing – he must be so proud!
The familiar howling broke me from my musing. “Oh, shit! They’re getting closer!” Thankfully, even with their camouflaging white fur, I could easily track them by their armor and noise. Unlike me, they weren’t skilled enough to conceal the noise they made; the combination of the armor and metal weapons clanging and their footsteps were a dead giveaway every time. However, I wasn’t going to get away if they spotted me before I got to the checkpoint.
“I gotta find alternate gear,” I muttered to myself
 yeah...that's good.

1) What is your favorite song CURRENTLY?
2) What is the last thing you had to eat?
3) What is the WEIRDEST dream you can recall?
4) What is the scariest thing you have ever seen?
5) What song captures you or your life the best?
6) Are you a virgin? How tall are you?
7) If you could change one thing about you, what would it be?
8) What is one 'talent' you wish you could do?
9) What is your favorite accent?
10) What are your top favorite smells, sounds, a sights?
11) If you could go anywhere in the universe, where would you go?
12) What makes you happy?
13) What is something you love about yourself? (RT: My boobs! 8D)

i tag: Astralseed, SeptraGirl, ArtKat89, Acclivius, A-Failed-Experiment, So0that, Yore-Donatsu, ASSORTEDJELLIES, ElsaTheCow, MrC0ZM0S, v0idless, Kimmys-Voodoo, & LukasFractalizator 

CT-Sans START by RTNightmare
I've drawn a lot today, but I feel like I need to do a bit more. I might sketch out the other two confirmed Sanses while I'm at it.

And thank goodness the height difference between CT!Sans and Rachel isn't too much. I'll make him slightly smaller if I need to. :)
Hey! Guess what?!

My uncle got an Emmy for The Handmaidens Tale (or whatever it's called- really tired!) Hes one of the producers and you can see him on the stage because he is the tallest guy there. XD 

Congratulations, Uncle Eric! :love:
The votes are in and I am combining both the top Sanses and Megalovania ideas!

Please vote for your favorite Sans and I will incorporate it in a Top 4 (+Classic) with CT's Sans and Rachel during Megalovania:…

Please read my featured comment before you leave a comment if you plan to suggest a different Sans. It will help so I don't get confused. 
The choices for the 100K Picture:

1) A poster for CounterTale (two versions - one story poster, one thanking for 100k views) (0 votes)
2) Ten of the top favorite Sanses in the Undertale AU fandom (and Classic, too) surrounding my CT!Sans. (3 votes) Everyone can vote on this one so that I know which AUs you want, if it wins.
3) CounterTale's Sans and Rachel doing a joint Megalovania battle scene of sorts. (2 votes)
4) Like a playing card, with Sans and Rachel opposing each other. (0 votes)

This will probably take a while to finish. But the voting for this will be open for a week or until all 7 people vote. Tie votes will be decided by me.

Votes in:

Waiting on:


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Amazing quotes that I whipped out of my @$$:

When life gives you lemons, throw dem lemons on the ground and shout: "FUCK THE POLICE!" With your hands in the air like you don't give a fuck who cares! XD


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