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Status Update!

Sat Feb 25, 2017, 10:48 AM
.:WICKED:. by RTNightmare


So! It may seem like I am not on much. There are two reasons for that! Biggest one is that I am moving from the house I live in with three other guys to a two-person apartment by myself. 
We have already moved the majority of my stuff, so all I am waiting on is approval from the guy in charge and to get the remaining furniture and whatnot. 

The second is that I have a job that I am still getting used to. However, I am improving with each shift, so hopefully there will come a time very soon where I will not be so tired. It's still new, so exhaustion is to be expected when you're trying to cram how to do things into your brain. I'm actually going to work today and tomorrow from 4pm to 8pm, which is an hour more than when I started. And this week, an additional day was added to my schedule. 

I have been using mobile only (right now too), so I only check my messages and stuff. I will return to using my computer when I am fully moved. My housemates make quite the ruckus, so concentration is hard and sometimes not doable. 

My story will resume when I move, but I have plenty of ideas for the part I am working on, courtesy of my readers at Ao3. I am also working on an article for Suggesting Daily Deviations, but again, due to all the changes and annoying housemates, it's not complete yet. I am also waiting for approval from Moonbeam13 so that I don't miscommunicate or make any other potentially worrisome mistakes. 

But yes, I have a lot planned. Besides what has already been stated, I have thoughts for Fan-Art-World, a meme of sorts I am planning to create, the next part of my ProjectHELP Series - this time about my art style, and more. But while I am still living here, it's tough. Just know I'm not dead! I'm just waiting to get to the next place do I can come back with metaphorical guns blazing. 

Now, just because, let's have a question of the day:
From the updates given above, what do you want to see from me first?

Till later!
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