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December 26, 2012
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A Rise of the Guardians Fan Fiction

Written by RTNightmare

Chapter 4

Veste, the Outfit Queen

The first place the Guardians took me was to a woman named Vesta, whom they said would be able to create a new outfit that would better fit my new form.

Apparently, Vesta had created the blue hoodie for Jack, almost the whole outfit for North, the holster for Bunny’s boomerangs, and Sandy’s whole outfit.

According to Vesta…

“Your outfit, dear…it’s quite sad!”

I looked down at myself. It was winter, so I was wearing my favorite purple tank-top over a white long-sleeved shirt, wide-legged jeans that reach halfway between my knees and ankles, light blue socks and white shoes.

I wouldn’t call it the perfect outfit, but my mom and I didn’t have to go shopping since we both had a lack of winter clothing.

We just never had much time to go to the mall, a place I hated, because we worked hard at the charities, and school, for me.

“Come here and let me measure you.” Vesta ordered.

I looked at the others, who smiled reassuringly, and then walked up to the grouchy elderly-looking woman. As soon as I was close enough, she started whipping a storm around me, taking measurements that took about a moment for her to understand.

When she was done, she went behind a curtain and began her work. It wasn’t even ten second later that she appeared again with some red-and-orange-covered garments.

“North tells me you’re a fire-controller. So dark and bright red would be good, and I added orange to turn up the heat.” She laughed.

I hesitated, wondering if she was or was not sane at all.

“Well, what are you doing just standing there? Go and try it on!” She barked, pointing to a room with a traditional sign that had a girl on it – the girl’s fitting room.

I grabbed the garments and quickly walked into the room she pointed to. From there, I listened in as I put the clothes on.

“I never expected such a young soul would be taken again. Jack was the last one like this. He was only sixteen, if I remember correctly. How could this girl be chosen too? She looks almost his age."

North answered Vesta, “She died at the age of fourteen in a fire. And Manny just chose her. We still don’t know why.”

“His name isn’t MANNY! It’s the Man in the Moon! You should know better, North!”

He doesn’t seem to mind.”

“Well, I do! And–”

“Uh, can we cool it with the shouting?” Jack interrupted.

“Don’t sass me, Mister!” Vesta shouted back.

Jack sighed and I could hear him walking away as he muttered, “Crazy as ever…”

I could almost feel Vesta’s glare, “I heard that!”

“You did? Wow, guess even old ladies like you have okay hearing…”

“That doesn’t it! Come here, you little…hey, don’t you dare!”

I heard a sharp sound and then Jack’s laughter.

“Oh, you are so gonna get what’s comin’ to you! Just you wait! When I get out of this…”

“If you can…you’re so old, I doubt it!” Jack shot back.

Vesta screamed.

But by that time I was done and I walked out, wearing a dress with sleeves attached over dress pants. The whole thing felt great and warm. I left my old clothes in the dressing room. I guess she would throw them out if she found them there, but I honestly didn’t care.

“Uh, guys…how do I look?”

The battle stopped as Jack (from the safety of on top of the beam holding the curtain up), Vesta (in a block of ice on the ground), and the others stared.

“Wow! That looks fabulous on you, my dear!” Vesta complimented lightly. “I knew it would, of course, but it’s always better to see it on rather than imagine.”

“Uh, thanks.” I said, a little unnerved at seeing her in the block of ice, “Do you need help getting out of that?”

Jack shook his head nervously as if her getting out meant something bad. But thankfully for him, it wasn’t needed.

Vesta just shook her head and said in a grandmotherly fashion, as if speaking to her granddaughter, “There’s no need, my dear. I’ll be out in a jiffy.”

I shrugged, “Well, thank you for this. I appreciate it.”

Vesta laughed with a smile, “Of course, dear. And you can wear that forever, now that you don’t age and hygiene doesn’t exist for you.”

I blinked and was about to ask what she meant, but Jack and the other Guardians were taking me away.

I managed a final, “Okay, thanks!”

And then we left after North set something I guessed was money on a nearby table.


RotG Fire and Ice: 4by RTNightmare

Fan Art / Fan Fiction / Humor©2012-2014 RTNightmare
Chapter 4!

Vesta's name comes from the italian word "veste", which is clothes, garments or whatever. Just thought I'd let you know. I thought having a slightly insane and very eccentric character would be good for this story. What do you think?

Also, I know Jack Frost is technically 14 in the books, but I made him older because it works out better in this story, and they never stated his age in the movie. So yeah...and now Enya is 14 - I changed Chapter 1!

Enya, Vesta, this Story (c) Me *RTNightmare
RotG characters and story (c) William Joyce, DreamWorks
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