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November 9, 2012
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Bugs and Smoke
Written by RTNightmare
Contest Entry

It had been ten years since Hexxus had been locked for a second time in a tree. He would not make the same mistake again. As his smoking form traveled through the minuscule opening of the tree he had been sealed in, he decided it was time to change location.

But where would he go?

Ferngully was the only place he had ever truly known. He wanted revenge, but after ten years, he could hardly get it alone with Crysta as a full-fledged and power fairy.

So, traveling across the sky, he journeyed to find a new place to live.

Hexxus didn't like the smoke from the factories. They were rude. He also didn't like the smoke from fireplaces. They were too warm and fuzzy. Finally, he came across a desolate land with graves and pumpkins.

How odd… Hexxus thought as he floated over to a tree house on the far end of the ground. What is this place? His question was answered when he noticed the sign a scarecrow held…

Halloween Town

"Halloween? What's Halloween?" He asked himself in his deep yet confused voice.

Hexxus continued to the tree house and found his way inside. Being mere smoke, he fit easily through the bars that acted like a cage between the inside of the tree house and the rest of the town.

As he reached the bottom, his confusion peeked. All around him, lit by a black light, was what looked like a torture change mixed with other odd things. Hexxus had never known what a casino was being that he'd spent most of his time in two trees, so he couldn't understand what this place was.

A booming laugh filled the air and then cut off abruptly as coughing started.

"Ohhhh, what is that smell?!" Oogie Boogie boomed as he entered the room. "It's terrible!"

Hexxus knew he smelled bad, but he expected better from the giant bulging sack. Especially since this place was weird, he thought he could fit right in. Still, better introduce himself.

"My name is Hexxus and I am the pollution you smell." Oogie Boogie turned to him, coughed once more, and then asked the obvious.

"What are you doing in my casino dungeon?"

Hexxus explained to him about his life and shortly as possible, but by the end, Oogie was laughing.

"You left them? Really? You gave up that easily? If it were me, I'd do whatever it took to get revenge. Although, I'm not a cloud of stink."

Hexxus glared, "I may smell bad, but at least I'm free. What about you? Can you leave this place?"

Oogie flinched, ignored the question, and muttered, "Why would I want to? I have everything I want here."

Hexxus smirked, "You can't, can you?" Then the pollution monster laughed loudly, "I knew it!"

Oogie growled, "Shut up! You know nothing! I choose to be here! And when I do leave, I'll become the Seven Holidays King! At that point, not even Jack will be able to stop me!"

Hexxus, who didn't quite understand, just shrugged, "Yeah, and when that happens, I'll be King of England."

Oogie narrowed his eye sockets, "Are you calling be a failure?"

Hexxus shook his head, "No, I'm calling you stuck."

Oogie roared and chased Hexxus, who easily escaped because he was a cloud of smoke. In the end, Hexxus decided he'd keep looking for a home. He knew where pollution came from. So, in the end, he lived at a dump.



Bugs and Smokeby RTNightmare

Contests / 2012 / Crossovers Contest©2012-2014 RTNightmare
For the Crossover Contest!

Hexxus from Ferngully
Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Hope you like it!
(c) Companies ~ Twentieth Century Fox & Disney
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